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Granite Vanity Top Installation Instructions

Install 1 Installation

Step 1: Prepare Vanity Cabinet

  • Clean cabinet top of debris.
  • Level vanity cabinet, side-to-side, front to back and diagonally.
  • Shim as required to level the cabinet.
  • Secure vanity cabinet to the wall.
  • Trial fit stone top, back and end splashes on vanity cabinet to ensure correct size.
  • If vanity cabinet is constructed with a frameless design add front and back rails as required to prevent the stone vanity top from breaking in the middle. Natural stone is heavy and requires adequate support.
Step 2 Step 2 3 Step 2 - 4

Step 2: Attach Undermount Bowl to Stone Top

  • Place granite vanity top, polished side down, on even flat surface. Clean dust and any foreign particles from around bowl cutout to prepare the surface for installation.
  • A JS-VCUL-1490 - 17 x 14-inch oval undermount bowl is included with each order. Unpack undermount bowl and place on top of granite vanity top.
  • Align centerline of bowl with the centerline of bowl cutout and mark its place  by  scribing a line around it.
  • Apply approximately 3/8 inch bead of adhesive to rim of the bowl. The recommended adhesive is PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive specifically designed for stone products or equal.
  • After applying the adhesive, set the bowl in place aligning it with the centerline on the scribe line made previously.
  • When the bowl is accurately aligned, apply silicone caulk to the outer rim of the bowl to make a watertight seal.
  • Clean excess adhesive/caulk from bowl and granite vanity top.
  • Mounting Clip attachment:
    • Standard vanity tops: Hand-tighten winged bolts into threaded inserts for the mounting clips to tighten under-mount bowl to granite vanity top.
    • Custom vanity tops: Insert bolts head-first into anchor slots, then place mounting clips over end of bolts. Thread washer onto bolt and hand-tighten with wing nut to secure under-mount bowl to granite vanity top.
  • DO NOT over-tighten. If you over tighten and the threaded insert comes out, use PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive to secure insert back in the same hole.
  • Allow adhesive to dry according to the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.

NOTE: The top installation shown in these figures show the faucet installed before the bowl. This is done for ease of installation when you have more room to work and do not have to crawl under the sink in the cabinet under the bowl to secure the faucet.

Step 3 - 1 Step 3 - 2

Step 3: Install top on vanity cabinet

  • Apply 1/4-inch bead of PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive to the top edges of the vanity cabinet. (This is the same adhesive used to attach the undermount bowl.)
  • Gently turn the granite vanity top over and place it on the cabinet. This may require two people depending on the size of the top.
  • Use a tape measure to align top. Standard size tops are designed with a 1/2-inch overlap on each side of the cabinet but the final positioning is up to the homeowner.
  • Wipe away excess adhesive and allow it to dry according to adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.

Note: This is a permanent installation

Step 4 - a Step 4 - b Step 4 - c Step 4 - d

Step 4: Install back and side splashes

  • Clean back and end splash of all dust or foreign particles.
  • Dry fit splashes in place to align before applying the adhesive. Shims may be required to align the splashes if the walls and cabinet are not made perfectly.
  • After you have verified the splashes will properly align, place urethane adhesive on unpolished side of back splash using a circular pattern. The circular pattern creates a suction to better adhere the stone splash to the wall. Repeat this for the back and side splashes.
  • After all splashes are in place, apply a 3/8-inch bead of clear silicone or acrylic latex caulk to the joint where the splash and the top come together.
  • Place unpolished edge of back splash on caulk and press gently against wall and down on to the granite vanity top. Move side to side to spread the adhesive evenly.
  • Bottom of the backsplash should lay flat or be flush with the top of the granite vanity top.
  • Remove all excess caulk and clean with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Allow caulk to dry according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Repeat the above steps for installation of the side splash, if required.
  • Note: Walls may be uneven and create a space between the wall and the back or side splash. Do not force or pressure the stone to straighten the wall. Fill gap with paintable acrylic latex caulk.
Stonetech Sealer

Care and Maintenance Instructions

  • This granite vanity top is made of natural stone and has been treated with a protective sealer to repel liquid spills on the surface and provide time to wipe them away before they penetrate and stain the stone.  An oil and moisture resistant sealer is recommended for all natural stone products and should be applied before use and re-applied as often as required.
  • Clean polished stone with soap and water before application of the sealer.
  • Follow sealer manufacturer’s instructions to reseal natural stone products.
  • Clean liquid spills of wine, alcohol, citrus juices, fruit, soft drinks, oils, etc. promptly with clean water or a mild neutral cleaner.
  • Use soft cleaners or scotch-bright type pads to clean tough debris.
  • Do not use steel wool or ceramic scrubbers.

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